I have been on vacation and it was wonderful.

But that is a story for another day.  Today we are going to talk about my MYB (Magic Yarn Ball, for the uninitiated).  Better yet… my malabrigo magic yarn ball.


The package arrived while I was away stealing all of Florida’s sunshine.  My evil do-er/stalker planned it that way.  So when I got off of the plane two 1/2 hours late (again, a story for another day) and home around midnight I found this waiting for me…

Love the font!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip goes the tape…

Smart chica, my stalker. I would have soo been going through those bags. Just in case.

Next, my greedy eyes did see….

Oh how I love blue.

First random package revealed itself to be…

a double skein of silky in Matisse.  Yup. It’s really that purty.

Apparently, not all presents were for me as my kitties got Da Hook Up on some Kitty Smack Pickles!

My normally skitty kitties were out with their noses sniffing the air within 2 minutes of the jar being opened.

I snatched up the next wrapped parcel and found something just for ME…

Lettuce, baby. LURVE.  I even know exactly what its going to be…

My favourite hat pattern! and now its mine! All Mine!! and soon to be in green. mmmmmm greeeen

I was saving the malabrigo ball for last so I went after the last remaining wrapped item.

Oh the joy. The sweet sweet joy. You should have seen Monkeys eyes open wiiiiiiiiiiiide when I revealed

on to the star of the show…

malabrigo … indigo … 100% organic cotton

You may swoon now. Lord knows I did.

Patience, not being my strongest virtue, did not come into play when rooting out the goodies hidden within the depths of my lovely new yarn.  Technically speaking, you are supposed to knit from the wound yarn and discover the items one at a time.

HA! Fat chance.

I picked my way through and I found these things….

3 dirty martini girl magnets

and yes, Monkey immediately put them on the fridge…

I had favourited some lip balm on etsy awhile ago and lookie lookie what I discovered

Sorry for the bad pic. That is the most luscious blackberry vegan lip balm in all of creation! Go buy some RIGHT NOW!

Then I found some stitch markers that so fit the pickle/martini theme. AKA things that make Dunckie giddly and giggly.

Just as I was about to pull out the center wrapped loveliness, I saw one lil corner peaking out. Imagine my joy when I saw what I had been coveting for so long.

And lastly (at least I think I got it all. We shall see when I make my ziggy with the mal if anything else poops out) there was this

which caused Monkey to exclaim “How did they know? I mean really. How did they know?!”

cuz she’s good. That’s how.

And all of that lead to this…

ok ok ok

and this

Dee… you are the bestest EVER!! Thank you so much!

and to recap the awesomeness…

Better than Christmas!


~ by duncks on July 9, 2008.

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