Born to run

We all know of my love for Woolly Wormhead hats.

She graced me (and by me I mean anyone that wanted one) with a new pattern.

A cute beanie with drop stitches instead of ribbing. Yet another simple but brilliant pattern.

Which I just couldn’t leave alone.

The original?

Aran weight yarn, sz 7US needles, CO 60


DK weight yarn, sz 9US needles, CO 70 which I increased to 90 after 2 rows of garter stitch.

The goal?

A sloochy!

Mission Accomplished!


I finished this up at the bark park which seems to  effect my counting ability.  So instead of nice evenly placed runs, I got shall we say more independent streaks.

Honestly, I dig them.

The big fubar? (you knew that there was one. come on, you had to of known. this is me we are dealing with.)

A series of dropped stitches decided that they belonged with one another. Yup.

A run that ran together.

I have deemed it the ultimate ventilation hole!

When I sent pics to Blah, she immediately replied… MINE!


I caved.

Sucker. That’s me.


~ by duncks on June 23, 2008.

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