I’ve been knitting but not so much chatting about it. Guess that means it’s time to rattle off my knittin’ shizzle. *giggles*

I’m sooooooo hardcore.

Lemme see…

I finished a hat for mz_e. She loved my Star Crossed Slouchy Beret so much she requested one of her own. Who am I to say no? Especially when she bought the yarn. Malabrigo, of course. In Hummingbird!! mmmmmm *drools*

Here is mine in Vaa, in case I forgot to mention it earlier.

mmmm Vaa

I also finished my Coachella.

Super easy and super cute! Especially on. Off, it is not impressive. LOL

Racerback, I might add.

While it may give me linebacker shoulders, I still love it. Why you ask? That is because said footballer shoulders make my waist look super teeny!

I used Berrocco Suede Deluxe in … some kinda blue. Country? Wrangler? *shrugs* All I know is that I love the way it knitted up. It has this great heavy feel to it but is still stretchy and light. And we all know how I feel about shiny things! I am part circus horse after all. LOL

Lastly, I knit a basic blue beanie in bamboo for Blah.

I didn’t use a pattern. I just kinda wung it.


cast on about 95 on US 4’s

K ST ST for about 2 inches

Changed to 8’s and did ST for about 4ish inches (Blah is not a big headed chica and doesn’t have much hair either).

K2tog all the way around

ST ST for 1 inch

K2tog all the way around

ST ST for 1 inch

K2tog all the way around

and again

Then put remaining stitches on to a tapestry needle and pulled tiiiiiight and wove in the tail.

No fuss, no muss, and a nice smooth top of the head.

Does this count as a free pattern? LOL Guess I could always specific it up if anyone is interested.

I used SWTC Bamboo in Ocean Stripe. The perfect choice for the head of a tree hugger working in the produce section of a co-op. Kiss Kiss Blah Blah. It was so soft and silky and drapey when all knit. I bet it could squish into the teeniest of pockets and come out totally unscathed. A random hole showed up about half way so we disguised it with some buttons. It looks even cuter but alas I forgot to take pictures. Shocking, I know.

What else?

um uh um

I think that is about it.

Ok. Off to bed I go now that we are all caught up.

Good thing too…. the new Knitty should be out very very soon and I am so hoping for tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


~ by duncks on June 10, 2008.

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