Wanna see me booty?

Get your mind out of the gutter!

I meant my arrrrgyle skull cap. It’s all done except for the weaving in of a few threads.  HA!

It went along quick as a bunny and was challenging but not taxing.

And did I mention super cute?

It barely used any yarn. My skeins looked untouched! I bet I could make 3 or 4 more out of them.

It does try to cut off the circulation to my brain but I’m not sure that is due to my uber tight stranding or simply the fact that I made the small size. Hmmm.

Either way, I look ded sexy innit.

It will totally fit Monkey’s pea size noggin so I’ll give it to her even after I win our golf tourney.

Clearly written pattern and too much fun for my own good.

Now… Off to bed before I turn from a piiiiirate to a pumpkin.

Oh and when this is up and ready here is where to go. In fact, go now. There is some cute booty to be hat.

Patterns, you dirty land lubbers!



~ by duncks on May 22, 2008.

One Response to “Wanna see me booty?”

  1. Yes, I’ll be winnin’ me arrrrgyle fair n’ square tomorrow. And I’ll look at yo’ booty any time.

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