Test 1 2 Test Arrrrrrrrr

Aaarrrrgyle that is.

I am finally getting around to testing the aarrrgyle skull cap and I must say that 4 color work is ADDICTING.

I am kinda making a hot mess (mostly out of my refusal to do that bobbin thing and am stranding it all) and I think my tension is going to be waay off (see bobbin reference) but it is soooo cute that I have back up toddlers in mind if I am correct.

The pattern is straight forward and well written. No errors have yet to be found.

My goal is to finish it this weekend. Heck, I’ll probably finish it tonight during So You Think You Can Dance (admit it, you watch it too).

It has to be completed by Saturday afternoon as it is the prize that’s up for grabs at the 2nd Annual Pirates Cove Mini Golf Tournament.

And yes. I cast-on the smaller size because I fully expect Monkey to kick my boo-hiney.

Although I did have a most glorious hole in one last year.  Most glorious indeed.


~ by duncks on May 22, 2008.

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