It’s Farmers Market Day!

My favourite day of the week.

Even this early in the season there is just something about being able to walk around amongst stalls of flowers, produce, soaps and food.

This time of year the only produce that is available is hot house and shipped in (ah, the joy of living in Minnesota) so I skip them. I prefer to wait until our local yummies are ripe before I partake.  But I still love walking the beat.  I head out the door of City Hall (my illustrious employer aka Da Man) and head west on 5th St.  Once I arrive at Nicollet Mall, south I go. Weaving in and out, back and forth amongst the crowds and vendors. The smells. The bustle. The yummies!


The best way to spend a lunch hour, I tell you.

Today was my first foray this year as I missed the opening last week. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything but with much joy I came upon my apple crack dealer! Their dried apples are better than candy. Those be high compliments coming from a sugar ho’ like myself. I also got a pound of honey. Tasty stuff. And the farms is at most 40 minutes west of my home. Love that. I love knowing where my food is from and knowing that it is within reach.

I’m doing my best to savour my bag o’appley goodness. I’m trying really hard to not scarf it all down but it’s proving difficult.

Of course, I can always get more next week.

Have you hugged your Farmer’s Market today?


~ by duncks on May 1, 2008.

One Response to “It’s Farmers Market Day!”

  1. Yum. Hooray for farmer’s market season!

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