Hats on the side

I love making hats. 

All kinds of hats. Even without a particular head in mind.

They are relatively quick and don’t use a ton of yarn. Plus I feel relatively guilt free if I decide to/have to frog and start over. AND I feel comfortable trying new techniques that would be intimidating on a larger scale.  It’s kinda like a big, wearable swatch now that I think about it.

My latest hat attack is the Barrymore Slouch Hat .

I waited ever so patiently for it to be released. 2 whole months!

It arrived on Friday and I cast-on Sunday. With sweet sweet Malabrigo Silky (50% silk 50% merino wool). Dear God. I want EVERYTHING I own to be made with this yarn. It is the sweet nectar of life.

I’m having a teensy worry about the palate I chose. More importantly as to what color is the MC (main color) and what is the CC. I picked lettuce as the main and acorn for the contrast. It’s looking a lil pea soupy and like it may wash me out. Shoulda had the brown be the main or gone for the pink.

Oh well. I’ll just make another one if it comes down to it. I may also attempt my first overdye too.

The pattern itself is pretty easy but still interesting enough to keep me from being bored.

I loves loves loves this hat.

And its MINE.

Even if it looks like complete and total shite on me.


~ by duncks on April 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hats on the side”

  1. Ah…silky! I have three hanks of azul azul just waiting for a project! Great pics!

  2. Wait, I just saw you on Sunday and that yarn was still in skeins! Man, you knitters are crazy committed. Looks fabulous.

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