My day just keeps getting better and better.

My week.

My month.

Hell, my year has not been what one would call fabulous.

The proverbial straw on the proverbial bucked-tooth camel for the end of my foul and bitter mood Sunday?

The dog ate my retainer.


Yup. James, King Fluffernutter pulled my retainer off of the coffee table from where it was lying so nicely and chomped it. I heard nothing as I was doing some chomping of my own.

Damn you extra crispy fried chicken, damn you! shaking my fist in the air

So I did what any self respecting crabby pants would do upon this discovery and after pouting like a 7 year old whose candy was taken away.

I gave the remains back to Mr. Man so he could finish the job.

I already have an appointment to get another one made when I get my bonding done.

Next Monday.

Not tomorrow.

My teeth move after 2 hours! What am I going to do for a week?

I shall call my lovely Ortho peeps in the morning and whine.

Cross your fingers, will ya? ’cause I don’t know just how much more I can take.


~ by duncks on April 13, 2008.

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