Woe is me

Well. It has finally happened to me.

My laptop was stolen out of a friends car this Friday.


I am a victim of my own dependence on technology.

I forgot to lock my door.

You see, the technology on which I have become dependent is automatic door locks. 

I get out.

The driver hits a magic button and **poof** all the doors are magically sealed.

This magic is not available in a 1986 Toyota pick up truck.


I don’t expect to ever see my cute lil compaq again. Nor do I expect to see the handmade camoflauge messenger bag that held it.  I did the police report thing and password changing just in case.

I am resisting the desire to check the dumpsters by Byrant Lake Bowl or to peruse the Pawn Shops.

Like Buddha said to monkey with the fist caught in the jar…. “Just let it go.”

And I am.



~ by duncks on April 7, 2008.

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