me: I heart making hats
 Elizabeth: I noticed
  They are getting better and better, too.
 me: I KNOW!!
 Elizabeth: The quality has greatly improved.
 me: practice really does make perfect
 Elizabeth: Startin’ to look store bought  

To steal a phrase… Jigga WHA??!?!

Me thinks I am offended.


Store bought.

but then again….. maybe I should take it as a compliment. Right?

Elizabeth: i like it to look homemade but professionally done
Elizabeth: makes me feel like love went into it
me: so handmade not homemade
Elizabeth: that’s it! HANDmade
me: LOL
Elizabeth: or a block party or bbq or wherever

Ok. Fine.

All is forgiven.


~ by duncks on March 24, 2008.

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