Swap it to me!

I love swaps.

Proof that I was destined to be a knitter, I think.

The latest swap in which I have entangled myself is called The Knitter’s Treasure Swap on Ravelry.

The rules are simple:

Well, for this swap you will have one partner, and you will have to send the following:

2 Skeins of yarn. (at least 200 grms. total). They could be the same color or different colors. Plase send yarn you would love to receive. You can say in the comment section if you have any allergies or color fiber preferences. (I would preffer that you contact your partner asking the preferences)

Knitting or Craft Magazine. (There are craft magazines with very good knitting patterns) English language its not a requirement, because its an inspiration item and because its an international swap, so there are countries that dont have english language.(It doesn´t have to be an expensive magazine)

2 Knitting items. They could be needles, stitch markers, scisors, stitch holders, needle case,buttons, etc.

Hot drink and goodies mix. They could be a mix of tea bags, hot chocolate, coffea, cookies, candys, etc.

One handmade item. I think that its a good detail to receive some gift made for our partners with their own hands. Its a way to bring love.

A surprise. Feel free to send whatever you think your partners will love.

Partners will be asigned randomly.

IMPORTANT: Packages will be sent with trackeable system.

You will have one month to prepare the swap, enough time to knit a beautiful present!

My partner is in California. Needless to say, she is going to be inundated with goodies local to Minnesota. 

I started my purchasing yesterday. I got 3 lil items ( I wont go into details because she is a fabulous stalker!) I can begin to fill the treasure chest.

OOOOOOH!! I love giving presents! Especially surprises. Especially to someone that I am not (as) tempted to spill the beans to.  You can ask any of my clostest friends and they will tell you that they never get any surprises. I am always too excited and rat myself out.

“I got you something! You want to know what it is?”

 Not this time. No sirree bob!


~ by duncks on March 20, 2008.

One Response to “Swap it to me!”

  1. Ohhh…I’m on Ravelry, and have never done a swap before, but would love to. Perhaps I should pop my head over! Sounds like fun!

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