Second Sock Syndrome Strikes

I mean Second Mitt Syndrome.

I finished my first Dashing in one day. Love it! The second one, however, is proving daunting. It took me three days to finally cast on and then I only knit about an inch. And that took me 2 hours! sheesh

To make matters worse, I currently have three projects on the needles which is my self imposed limit. (I have to do something to keep the KADD in check) I don’t get to start something new until one of those three is finished and the other two are sweaters. Easy sweaters but sweaters none the less.  le sigh

BUT I have a totally brilliant plan. I have an hour of bus riding ahead of me tonight (paid taste gig anyone? Yes. I rock. Getting paid to eat and give my opinion. I would so do that for free!). In my lovely bag is Dash. No books are coming. No Ipod allowed. Once I get to the cabling part, it will be quick like a bunny.

I think I will work on one of the sweaters before I begin someting new once the sure to be lovely fingerless mitts are complete. I need them before summer begins. I know it seems counterintuitive but it gets frickin’ COLD in this office and I will need my fingerless mitts and sleeveless wool sweaters to survive the summer.

 Ok. NOW, I am excited.

Let’s get busy.

SSS be damned!!

But maybe I should learn how to knit two socks simulatneously for next time.


~ by duncks on March 13, 2008.

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