Always a WIP

A recent searching and fearless moral inventory of myself (Step Four) gave me a clear message: Much of my behaviour was extremely immature. But what is mature behaviour? Obviously the answer is different for each of us, but exploring the question can help me to identify my goals and apply the Al-Anon program as I seek to change this behaviour. To me, maturity includes:

Knowing myself.
Asking for help when I need it and acting on my own when I don’t.
Admitting when I’m wrong and making amends.
Accepting love from others, even if I’m having a tough time loving myself.
Recognizing that I always have choices, and taking responsibility for the ones I make.
Seeing that life is a blessing.
Having an opinion without insisting that others share it.
Forgiving myself and others.
Recognizing my sortcomings and my strengths.
Having the courage to live one day at a time.
Acknoledging that my needs are my responsibility.
Caring for people without having to take care of them.
Accepting that I’ll never be finished — I’ll always be a work-in-progress.

Courage to Change pg 63

This is today’s reading. I was torn between how it just hit the nail on the head of my self-inflicted hot mess and how once again it all comes back to knitting.

I have an issue with everything on that list.

I have to allow myself imperfections.
I am a WIP. And even if I have to do a little frogging, it will be ok. In fact, frogging may just be the thing I need to do the most. That and a good soak. We all know what wonders blocking can do.


~ by duncks on March 3, 2008.

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