Sing with me…

Here’s a treat that is sunny For your Easter bunny, The creamiest candy that’s made. Mary Sue Easter eggs, Mary Sue Easter eggs, Brighten you Easter parade.

We have those Easter eggs, Mary Sue Easter eggs, People are making the switch. Cause’ using pure butter Makes Mary Sue better, And you never had it so rich.

Mary Sue Easter eggs, They’re the best Easter eggs Honey your money can buy. So sweet and delicious, So rich and nutritious, Give Mary Sue Candies a try.

Brighten your Easter parade Try Mary Sue Candies Today!

I have bought myself a lovely present yesterday. I have been craving a Fruit and Nut Mary Sue Easter Egg for MONTHS. They were a childhood favourite. One that came around once a year. Everyone and I mean everyone in the Maryland region knows that infectious jingle. hums

Sadly, since I have transplanted myself 1500 miles away there are no Mary Sue treats to be had. It took me 8 years of seasonal pouting to finally have the epiphany to import them. Slow much? Apparently, yes I am.

What is it about treats and traditions from your past that make them seem so much better than our present day fare/life? It’s Wizard-of-Oz-itis. Really. Even if you hated it there truly is no place like home. No place that forms and molds you like where and how you grew up. For good or for bad. Whether you embrace it and stay as your upbringing would have you do or whether you use it to propell you in the exact opposite direction.

Of course, it is not a matter of either or. This or that. You will always have to blend your past with your present to create your future.  Denying who you were will only stutter who you wish to become.

So hurry up, my lovely Easter Egg delivery! My inner child, my soul needs a refresher course.


~ by duncks on February 26, 2008.

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